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Mike plays bouzouki, and Irish Flute. Mike has played guitar since the age of twelve when he took lessons at the YMCA.  In college he played in the Jazz Band.  He was playing guitar in the medieval dance troupe Three Left Feet when they needed someone to play a different sounding instrument.  So Mike found the bouzouki and eventually also learned to play the flute.  You can also catch Mike in the contemporary Singer / Songwriter duo Io's Crossing with Jennifer Lubell as well as Cearnog with Jennifer, Bill, and Becky.   Mike currently spends most of his time trying to get his son Keenan interested in playing Celtic music and being chased by his daughter Michaela.










Members of the Homespun Ceilidh Band

Jennifer Lubell plays bodhran. She also performs Irish step-dancing during performances.  You should catch her when she dances and plays the bodhran at the same time!  Jennifer is also a member of Io's Crossing, a contemporary Singer / Songwriter Duo she formed with Mike Stoddard; and Cearnog a new quartet that plays contemporary and original music in the Celtic tradition.


Bill plays hammered dulcimer. Bill is a quiet simple man with simple tastes.  These tend to playing the dulcimer, creating complex mathematical models, and making beer.  You can also hear Bill in the duo Peat & Barley with Becky Ross and Cearnog a new quartet that plays contemporary and original music in the Celtic tradition.

Becky plays fiddle. Becky has a wicked Midwest style sense of humor and almost infinite patience.  She plays fiddle in a number of groups including the duo Peat and Barley with Bill Mitchell and Cearnog with Jennifer, Mike and Bill.

Felicia plays viola da gamba and recorder. Felicia is particularly fond of early music, which she's played since she was a child.  Her mother was a virtuoso pianist who fled Nazi Germany before World War II.  Felicia has a quirky sense of humor and a passionate need to "get the music right".

Jim plays cittern, 12 String Guitar, and baroque guitar. You can also hear Jim around town playing with the Devil's Taylors.  He loves to play "differently sized" lutes including one, called a theorbo that's about 10 feet long. Jim specializes in early Medieval and Renaissance lute music.

Glenn Plays 6-string and 12-string guitars. He is a former member of Wild Oats. He has also played bass guitar for musical theatre, including the Drama group at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

John plays violin and viola and various other stringy/bowy things like a Hardanger Fiddle. He was classically trained at the University of Indiana.  He also served a tour of duty in Vietnam as a Communications Specialist.  John discovered Celtic music when he joined up with the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club, a group based out of Alexandria Virginia that tries to preserve the celtic music tradition.  Since then John has won numerous awards at festivals and competitions around the area.

Jeffrey plays fiddle. Friends hooked him on playing Celtic music during his pediatrics residency, and he got the chance to join the Homespun Ceilidh Band in 2013. During Maryland Renaissance Faire season, he also gets to fiddle with Maggie Sansone, Cat and the Fiddle Morris, and Bob and Sue Esty.



Trix plays bodhran, dumbek, and anything else she can hold and beat on. She loves to cook and collect cookbooks.  She also has a passion for bugs; especially when properly "prepared".  Trix sings the woes of being a musician in her original tune Mrs. Murphy's  Band which appeared on our second CD Home. Trix is also quite well known for her taste in songs in which one of the characters is murdered.